About Oleana

One name – two people, two sets of talents, one aim, provide outstanding value for our clients.

Oleana Limited is Anne and Noel Akers, who have both worked in the public and private sector for many years.

Anne is passionate about customer service; she’s worked in communications, public involvement, including consultation and research and strategic planning, redesigning services to meet the needs of the customer and the economy.

Noel’s expertise is in informatics, with over 20 years of diverse informatics experience with a common theme of helping organisations achieve business objectives through the appropriate use of information technology.

We normally work separately in our areas of expertise, but often combine our strengths to quality-assure work for clients. (Translation: Noel makes sure that Anne’s spreadsheets add up; Anne stops Noel communicating in techno-babble.) If additional resources are needed for particular projects, we’re happy to work collaboratively with other experts involved with the client. But we also have a network of people we’ve collaborated with in the past and whose skills we trust, so why not let us put together a team working for you under the Oleana banner?

When not at work we’re usually to be found together in the outdoors, whether trail running, rock-climbing and mountaineering, skiing or glacier-trekking. So we love challenges and are self-reliant but equally can lead or work within a team. High mountain environments have taught us to embrace stressful situations, but also how to manage risk and that often you do need to sweat the small stuff.

Contact us directly by email to:

Anne: anne.akers@oleana.co.uk

Noel: noel.akers@oleana.co.uk

Anne and Noel Akers